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Market maker of the land market.
META Group was founded in 2005 and as of now is the leading broker of the Moscow market of land assets and the real estate developer. The company provides services for the sale of land, real estate development projects' implementation, consulting, analytics and evaluation.

5000 land parcels of more than 150 000 Hectares of aggregate area 2 trillion rubles worth

More than 200 property compounds within the Moscow Ring Road

About 750 industrially used land parcels

About 800 agriculturally used land parcels

More than 1000 land parcels suitable for cottages construction

More than 250 land parcels for high-rise construction in Moscow and Moscow region

The data on the land prices since 2012

Data on the most areas suitable for the development projects and archive of land transactions
Since 2005, we have sold more than 4000 hectares of agriculturally, industrially and residentially used land parcels in the Moscow region. The volume of transactions exceeded $500 million. We offer more than 200 investment projects in Moscow itself and more than 5000 sites in the Moscow region. Among "Lithium" partners are more than 100 of the largest Russian developers, such as the PSN Group, Morton, PIK, Kortros, FerroStroy, LSR, Etalon Invest, Samolet Development, FSK Leader, PNK, Logistics Partners, and others.
PSN group
Коммерческий банк "Платина"
Logistic Partners
Финансовая корпорация "Открытие"
Freight Village RU
Dega group
Альфа Банк
Корпорация "РосАтом"
PNK group
Мортон Инвест
Леруа Мерлен
Road Group
Банк Югра
Бин Банк
Frozen money. Land asset is not generating income thus increasing the tax burden.
Non-core assets. If the land assets management is not your core business, selling them by yourself entails ineligible costs.
False understanding of the market, errors in pricing. You underestimated the land asset and lost money, or overestimated it and lost time.
Desire to find the best option for buying the land parcel without having full information about the current offer (including hidden and exclusive ones).
Hidden rocks. Buyers do not know most of the time the mood of the land owners, hidden liabilities, liens, encumbrances, urban development plans, etc.
Solution by META Group: we will provide an objective, reasonable market land parcel evaluation and offer you the optimal strategy for its promotion and selling.
We offer the exclusive information, company's experts will help you to effectively invest your money in order to receive a liquid and profitable asset.
Brokerage of land parcels and assets management
Marketing and sale
Set of services for the development and implementation of the strategy, methods and algorithm of selling. "META" performs brokerage functions, contributes to the conclusion of the contract of land parcels' sale for a commission.
Fee development
Preparation of design documentation (plans and specifications), conception, choice of optimal financing scheme, economic analysis, obtaining of all the necessary approvals from the authorities, implementation and management of the infrastructure construction.
META Group does not invest its own funds - all work is carried out at the expense of the customer. We are responsible for the quality of provided services to the extent of both our reputation and remuneration.
Speculative development
Developer assumes the risks associated with the possible failure of the project. Under this approach to the cooperation "META" is investing its own funds in the project. The financial model of the project is a combination of company's own funds, attracted investments, loans and funds from the sale of the object.
Assesment of the property, disputing
* Analysis of market, city-planning potential of parcels and the optimal use of the land;
* Evaluation of the land, real estate, property and enterprises;
* Disputing the cadastral value (at 100% success rate);
* Calculation of financial indicators of projects and technical audit;
* Legal and judicial examination and examination of reports.

Transforming land in profitable liquid assets!
The land market in the Moscow region is the largest one in Russia. The experience and expertise of "META" experts will help you to choose from hundreds of land parcels the very best ones, so that you could realize all your bold ideas and concepts. We use a unique assessment methodology, which define the exact market value which allows owners to sell at the best price. Professional evaluation will reduce taxes and save you some substantial money.

We know how to turn the land into a profitable, liquid asset - call us:

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